I was born in a small village located near Lugano, in the Italian part of Switzerland.
Since early days, I was dreaming about travelling around the world, flying into the clouds hanging above me, as romantic and dreamer as I am. The love for airports, frenetic business people in contrast to holidaymakers already looking to join their holiday spot.
Therefore, as soon as I could afford it, I started to travel around the globe, visiting marvellous places.

About photography: I really don’t exactly remember about my  first click but my first memories are going back when, 9 years old, I was trying to immortalize pigeons at San Marco in Venice, during holidays with my parents. I was still using an old camera and only 36 clicks were allowed!
Maybe those emotions are not to be felt with the today’s digital cameras but anyway, I never stopped looking for beauty in everything around us, in the nature and in the humankind, trying to capture and transmit it with the same passion as before. Hopefully with respect.

About cake design: this is a second passion, born later. Modelling cakes is one of my favourite among the love for the good cuisine. Is just unbelivable how you  can transmit your thoughts and way of seeing things around you with cake design. It allows me to flip out of the daily routine when I can’t flying somewhere.

I’ve created this blog to share my passions in an increasingly superficial world, giving colors and positivity, a world seen through my eyes!